Louis-Vincent Gave

Louis-Vincent Gave

Louis-Vincent Gave is a world renowned economist, geopolitical analyst, and the co-founder of Gavekal. He is an expert in global macroeconomics and offers intelligent investment advice.

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Louis-Vincent Gave is widely recognised as the leading authority on China's economy, markets, and geopolitical relations with the West. As a veteran China debunker, he offers invaluable perspectives on the complex dynamics shaping the global economic landscape.

After studying Economics, History and Chinese at Duke University and Nanjing University, Gave joined the French Army where he served as a second lieutenant in a mountain infantry battalion. He later joined Paribas as a financial analyst before relocating to Hong Kong. There, he realised the growing importance of Asia in the global economy and the need for comprehensive analysis and insights tailored to the region and co-founded Gavekal with his father Charles and Anatole Kaletsky.

From his base in Hong Kong, Louis-Vincent Gave provides authoritative commentary on geopolitical concerns, macroeconomic trends, and their implications for financial markets. He is highly sought after as a keynote speaker at international conferences, economic forums, and corporate events, where he elucidates the evolving dynamics of global finance and strategic investment opportunities.

Gave has written seven books, including "Avoiding the Punch: Investing in Uncertain Times" and "Clash of Empires: Currencies and Power in a Multipolar World". In his publications, Louis-Vincent Gave delves into strategies for building resilient portfolios amidst geopolitical uncertainties and evolving market conditions, and offers practical guidance for investors navigating volatile environments.

Louis-Vincent Gave speaks English and French and spends many hours studying Mandarin and Spanish, which he once spoke decently. He is married with two sons and two daughters.


Avoiding the Punch

Investing in Uncertain Times

Clash of Empires

Currencies and Power in a Multipolar World

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