Veronica Llorca-Smith

Veronica Llorca-Smith

Veronica Llorca-Smith is a highly experienced DEI consultant that helps organisations build inclusive and high-performing teams.

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Veronica Llorca-Smith is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) consultant with two decades of experience in leadership and people development. Her innate curiosity and passion for cultural diversity led to an unwavering commitment to fostering inclusion.

Llorca-Smith’s career trajectory was marked by her stint at Fortune 500 giants, including Apple and Estée Lauder. Having lived in nine countries and worked across four continents, her area of expertise is cultural agility and inclusive language. She firmly believes that the key to bridging cultural gaps lies in the words we choose to use. Fluent in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Mandarin, Veronica bridges language barriers and connects easily with her audiences across the globe.

The published author of two books, "The Lemon Tree Mindset" and "Conquering Your Burnout", Veronica-Llorca Smith offers transformative insights into overcoming challenges and unlocking one's full potential. She champions personal development and the growth mindset through her literary works, with articles featured on The South China Morning Post and Medium.

Llorca-Smith’s advocacy efforts on social media have cemented her reputation as a leading voice in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, particularly in the Asian context. She is an authority on personal branding for executives, having helped many individuals navigate the complex landscape of professional identity.

In 2023, Llorca-Smith’s presentation on "Inclusive Leadership" to the EU Office in Hong Kong left a lasting impact. She also graced the 12th Asian Women in Leadership Summit in Singapore with her insights on inclusive language, further emphasising the vital role of communication in diversity initiatives.

Veronica Llorca-Smith was named a finalist for the prestigious Diversity Lead of 2023 award by Women in IT Asia, a testament to her dedication and influence in promoting diversity and inclusion.


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