Tom Lawry

Tom Lawry

Tom Lawry is a trailblazer in AI transformation for health and life sciences. His insights have helped demystify AI, inspire innovation, and provide a roadmap for the future of healthcare.

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Tom Lawry envisions a world where artificial intelligence makes healthcare more efficient, accessible, and humane. As Managing Director at Second Century Tech LLC, Lawry guides global health and medical leaders through the intelligent health revolution with a mission to harness AI for the betterment of humanity.

Before his current role, Lawry served as a senior executive at Microsoft, where he wore many hats, including National Director for AI for Health and Life Sciences. His pioneering efforts at the helm of the company's first health incubator and as Director of Worldwide Health left an indelible mark on the tech giant’s health initiatives. Tom Lawry boasts rich experiences in the start-up ecosystem and has held tenures as a health system executive and board member.

His thought leadership has been featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes, CEO Magazine, Harvard Business Review, and CNET. He is also the acclaimed author of Hacking Healthcare, a seminal work that explores the transformative potential of AI and the cloud in healthcare. Recognised in a 2023 Harris Poll as one of the most influential leaders driving change in healthcare, Lawry's contributions have earned him a place among the Top 150 Healthtech Exponentialists. His passion for leveraging technology to enhance health outcomes is matched by his commitment to ethical AI practices, ensuring that technological advancements benefit everyone.

As a keynote speaker, Tom Lawry's talks are infused with real-world insights from over a decade of steering AI-driven solutions worldwide. His audiences can expect to gain a deep understanding of responsible AI practices, the evolving landscape of healthcare technology, and actionable strategies for implementing AI to improve health outcomes.


Hacking Healthcare

How AI and the Intelligence Revolution Will Reboot an Ailing System

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