Toby Ouvry

Toby Ouvry

Toby Ouvry is a contemporary mindfulness trainer and coach. Sought-after in the commercial realm, he teaches leadership, staying calm under pressure and resilience.

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Toby Ouvry is one of the leading mindfulness and wellbeing speakers in Asia. Trained as a Buddhist monk, he teaches the key tenets of psychological discipline and helps people perform better.

British-born but raised nomadically, Ouvry is a professional speaker, trainer and coach. He boasts over two decades of experience in meditation and mindfulness, tailored towards fostering high performance and well-being in individual and executive contexts.

Toby Ouvry was drawn towards the Tibetan Buddhist tradition at an early age. Seeking a sense of self after a childhood spent all over the world, he found meaning in its teachings and tranquility in its practices. He trained patiently in the UK and Asia before becoming the resident teacher in Singapore's Odiyana Meditation Centre. Ouvry stood out for his bespoke approach, marrying ancient wisdom with modern psychological insights. He believes mindfulness should be practical and integrate seamlessly into one's daily life in a global city, rather than focusing upon more abstract concepts.

This led Ouvry to found Integral Meditation Asia. There, he delivers impactful leadership and performance programs to a diverse client base including notable names like Google, Spotify and Temasek Holdings.

Ouvry contributes beyond these sessions. He developed over twenty workshops and courses, notably authoring Engaged Mindfulness and sharing insights through his Tedx talk Inner Horizons.

Currently living in Singapore, he feels at home with the city state's cultural diversity, reflecting his own global upbringing. He seeks to help a population often ranked as the most tired and stressed in the world.


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Engaged Mindfulness

What Mindfulness Is and How We Can Apply It to Our Daily Lives

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