Stephen J Shaw

Stephen J Shaw

Stephen J Shaw is a data scientist and demographer. He produced and directed "Birthgap - Childless World", a groundbreaking documentary that explores the global decline in birth rates.

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Stephen J Shaw, a visionary demographer and data scientist, is the creative force behind the groundbreaking documentary "Birthgap – Childless World".

The film, shot in 24 countries, captivated audiences at the prestigious 2021 New York Chelsea Film Festival. The Birthgap research project began in 2016 when, as a lifelong learner at Harvard Extension School, Shaw realised the full extent of Europe's long-term birth-rate decline. This drove him to identify the causes and consequences of this global crisis. Shaw's revelation made him the first demographer to identify common global factors that triggered this phenomenon.

Stephen J Shaw’s work subsequently reshaped the discourse on global population dynamics, whilst a knack for captivating audiences with data visualisations firmly placed him in the global eye. In 2023, his growing podcast appearances garnered over five million views alone, and he has been featured on the Jordan Peterson podcast among others. Through Shaw's work, more people are continuing to realise the pressing nature and significance of the birth-rate problem by the day.

With a growing global platform, Stephen J Shaw has been invited to give a keynote address at a 2023 inter-governmental conference in Budapest and he has consulted the British government. Shaw fundamentally argues that we must acknowledge the scale of this phenomenon to understand its far-reaching social and economic consequences.

Based in Tokyo, Shaw founded – a social enterprise dedicated to researching and raising awareness about the birthgap crisis. His cautious optimism stems from witnessing younger generations' motivation to address this crisis, despite the challenges it poses to society.

Shaw’s career in data science spans over two decades, with a constant focus on data modelling and demographics. As the President of Autometrics Analytics LLC, he has also collaborated with renowned professors to create forecasting models for blue-chip clients in the automotive sector and beyond.

Stephen J Shaw's inspiring work combined with his dedication to addressing the birth-rate decline have made him a prominent figure, with whom the world’s population continues to realise they ought to engage. His widely anticipated book is due to be published in Spring 2024.


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