Stephen Attenborough

Stephen Attenborough

Stephen Attenborough is a key figure in commercial space travel. He was Virgin Galatic's first employee and led the group's strategy as it seeks to make space accessible. Attenborough remains a board member of the Virgin Group foundation, Virgin Unite.

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Sir Richard Branson recognised Stephen Attenborough as a kindred soul. Sharing Branson’s passion for space exploration, Attenborough led Virgin Galactic’s commercial strategy for almost 20 years. Now he is one of the industry’s most prominent evangelisers and advocates for a sustainable future



After reading economics at university, Attenborough first pursued a vocational path. But a successful career in investment management just couldn’t scratch that itch. Attenborough was thinking about the final frontier. 


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Sir Richard Branson saw the chance to match Attenborough’s commercial instincts to his passion. He invited Attenborough to lay the commercial foundations of the world’s first space line, Virgin Galactic. Stephen Attenborough went on to become the company’s Chief Customer Officer, responsible for initiating and guiding the customer journey. 


virgin galactic goes public

His extraordinary 18 years with the company culminated in Branson’s history-making trip to space. Virgin Galactic also became the first human spaceflight company to go public with a $3bn NYSE listing. Today, Stephen Attenborough remains a part of the Virgin family as a Board member of the Virgin Group’s foundation, Virgin Unite.



Attenborough has always been acutely aware of travel’s climate impact. He champions green technology in the aerospace sector. His commitment to balancing technological innovation with ecological responsibility sees him recognised as a leading voice in the quest for sustainable space exploration.



Attenborough is involved in various educational and outreach initiatives aimed at inspiring the next generation of space enthusiasts. His engaging talks and writings contribute to a broader understanding of the importance of responsible space exploration and its positive impacts. Attenborough has been invited to speak at many of the world's most prestigious events on topics like  space for the benefit of mankind; making the impossible possible; and creating and maintaining an entrepreneurial culture.


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