Sheena Iyengar

Sheena Iyengar

Sheena Iyengar is the award-winning author of two social psychology books and a leading expert on innovation, choice, leadership, and creativity.

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Growing up as a blind Indian American and the daughter of immigrants in New York City prompted Sheena Iyengar to embark on a profound exploration of choice — not just for herself, but for all those around her.

Delving into the mysteries of decision-making processes across cultures, Iyengar's seminal research on the psychology of choice challenges conventional wisdom and illuminates the subtle interplay between culture, society, and individual preferences. As the S.T. Lee Professor of Business and the Academic Director of the Innovation Hub at the Columbia Business School, her work has been instrumental in reshaping our understanding of consumer behaviour and organisational management.

Famously recognised for her “Jam Study,” which transforms the way we think about products offered in the marketplace and how we curate them for customers, Sheena Iyengar is widely considered to be one of the world's top experts on choice and problem solving. She has used her expertise in choice to advise hundreds of companies across various industries, including business, technology, retail, media, consulting, investing, and STEM fields. Her goal is to improve decision-making processes and enhance the experiences of everyone involved.

Sheena Iyengar is also the creator of the Think Bigger method for innovative thinking and problem-solving based on recent advances in neuro- and cognitive sciences. Where prevailing methods for innovation, such as Design Thinking, teaches methods of customer research and feedback, Think Bigger concentrates on how creative ideas form in your mind and teaches a six-step method for innovation.

The author of two award-winning books, The Art of Choosing and Think Bigger: How to InnovateIyengar's influential writings reflect both her personal resilience and academic brilliance. She was a recipient of the Thinkers50 2023 Innovation Award and was ranked by the Asian American Business Development Center as one of the 50 Outstanding Asian Americans in Business in 2022. Her recorded TED Talks have received a collective 7 million views and she regularly appears in top tier media such as The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, The New Yorker, The Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek, CNBC, CNN, The BBC, and NPR.

Some of Sheena Iyengar's speaking topics include but are not limited to: 

  • - Making Meaningful Choices to Spark Innovation
  • - Where Do Big Ides Come From?
  • - How to Think Bigger
  • - Think Bigger in the Boardroom: Corporate Governance
  • - Dream Bigger


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