Sharanjit Leyl

Sharanjit Leyl

Sharanjit Leyl is a veteran journalist and highly acclaimed moderator. She was a BBC News broadcaster for 18 years and adeptly navigates business, politics and cross-cultural dialogues.

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Sharanjit Leyl's Biography

Sharanjit Leyl, a renowned figure across global news channels, has been a steadfast presence in the media landscape for over twenty-five years. With an extensive background in journalism and a knack for storytelling, she has graced the screens of BBC World News, Bloomberg Television, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation where she offers her audiences insightful perspectives from Asia.

During her remarkable eighteen-year tenure with BBC News, Sharanjit Leyl delved into the intricate realms of business and politics, commanding attention from both the Asia bureau and London's prestigious Broadcasting House. She anchored live coverage of breaking stories across the Asia Pacific region and left an indelible mark on BBC World Service radio and the BBC news website.

Sharanjit Leyl has engaged in probing interviews with a myriad of global political and business leaders. She effortlessly steers conversations on stage and stands as a highly distinguished moderator and host today. Leyl has facilitated high-level debates for esteemed organisations such as the United Nations and the ADB, while also lending her expertise to multinational corporations and educational institutions, advising on matters of diversity, inclusion, and media strategy.

A Singaporean native, Sharanjit Leyl's passion for storytelling led her to produce and present captivating documentaries about her city, showcasing its rich tapestry on the international stage. Recently appointed as Chancellor-Elect of Bath Spa University, she continues to champion education and the arts with unwavering dedication.

Sharanjit Leyl's journalistic acumen has earned her global accolades. She was highly commended as the best presenter at the Asian TV Awards and secured the prestigious Best News Programme award for an episode of Newsday she anchored in 2017. Having lived in cities like Washington DC, London, Tokyo, Vancouver, and Singapore, Leyl brings a truly global perspective to her work, enriching every project with her razor-sharp insight and unparalleled expertise.


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