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Sarah Sands

An influential British print and broadcast journalist, Sarah Sands is an expert on the relationship between media and politics.

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Sarah Sands's Biography

Sarah Sands is one of the UK's most celebrated journalists. Over her print career, Sands was editor of the London Evening Standard and The Sunday Telegraph, where she was the first woman to edit the paper. After leaving the London Evening Standard, Sands spent three years as editor of BBC's flagship news programme, Today

Her first big break in journalism came at the London Evening Standard after she was appointed editor of the paper's famous gossip column, "Londoner's Diary", aged just 25. Not long after, she joined The Daily Telegraph as Deputy Editor. In 2005, she was appointed editor of national newspaper The Sunday Telegraph. However, Sands' attempts to make the paper appeal to a younger demographic ran up against the paper's more traditional senior management: so, she left the post after just eight months.

In 2009, she was tempted back to the London Evening Standard as deputy editor, later becoming editor after Geordie Greig's departure. Her editorship there was a resounding success, with Sands bringing prestige back to the now-free paper.

In 2017, Sands accepted editorship of BBC Radio 4's Today programme. The daily radio show is widely seen as setting the news agenda in the United Kingdom: its earlier market-focused segments feature interviews with the world's leading business minds, while the main political slot will feature the Prime Minister or other senior politicians.

After leaving Today in 2020, Sands has taken on a wide variety of influential roles. She is a trustee of the Science Museum and deputy chair of the British Council. Meanwhile, she is a former chair of G7’s gender equality advisory council and also a co-founder of the Braemar Summit.

Sands is author of two recent books which explore life and death through nature and religion. Her 2023 book, "Hedgehog Diaries", was lauded by the Daily Express as the ‘most poignant and heart-warming memoir of the year'.


Hedgehog Diaries Book by Sarah Sands - CWG Speakers

Hedgehog Diaries

A Story of Faith, Hope and Bristle: ‘The Most Poignant and Heartwarming Memoir of the Year’

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