Samir Puri

Samir Puri

Dr Samir Puri is a former British diplomat, and the author of four books on history and geopolitics. He specialises in strategy and foreign affairs and will be releasing his fifth book on the changing balances of world power and influence in 2024.

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Dr Samir Puri is a noted expert in geopolitics and defense policy. He completed his PhD at Cambridge University in International Relations and thereafter, worked at RAND and the UK Foreign Office (2009-2015). Puri's assignments covered counter-terrorism, and a year in east Ukraine monitoring Russia's first invasion and the onset of war in 2014. He also served as an international observer at five Ukrainian elections, including during the Orange Revolution in 2004.

After government service, Dr Puri held teaching positions in leading universities and prestigious think tanks. He was a lecturer in War Studies at King's College London and taught at Cambridge and John Hopkins. Dr Puri is able to engage expert and general audiences alike when discussing the many sources of instability around the world, making sense of breaking events in relation to longer-term trends.

In 2020, Samir Puri moved to Singapore, where for three years he helped run the annual Shangri la Dialogue, a summit that covers Asian security. He is currently an Associate Fellow at Chatham House. A prolific author, Dr Puri's forthcoming book is called Westlessness: The Great Global Rebalancing. It will be published on 4 July 2024 and considers the different aspects of changing balances of power and influence in the world. Westlessness will be his fifth book.

Dr Puri's other books include Russia's Road to War with Ukraine, (2022) which was described as 'stimulating and thoughtful' by the Financial Times; and The Great Imperial Hangover, (2021) which was called 'well written, comprehensive and judicious' in the New York Times. Since Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine, Dr Puri's analyses of the war have been featured by the BBC, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and other media outlets. He has also contributed his insights to publications like Politico, Modern Diplomacy, The Diplomat and The New York Times to name a few.


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