Richard Mullender

Richard Mullender

Richard Mullender is the founder of The Listening Institute. He was formerly Lead Trainer at Scotland Yard's National Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Unit.

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Richard Mullender's Biography

Richard Mullender is founder of The Listening Institute and pioneers change in the business of listening.

For a decade, Mullender worked a London detective investigating serious crimes. Word of his police interview skills soon spread and, thereafter, he was appointed Lead Trainer at Scotland Yard’s National Hostage Negotiation and Crisis Unit.

While in service, Mullender has come under fire in Northern Ireland, joined talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan which secured the release of three UN workers, and contributed intelligence that informed the rescue of Norman Kember in Iraq.

Drawing on his experience negotiating with the Taliban, dealing with extortion threats overseas, and diffusing domestic sieges, Mullender radically overhauled protocol at Scotland Yard. He taught rookie hostage negotiators how to identify motivators, values, and levers. By drawing attention to how specific key words can powerful indicate one’s states of mind, Mullender turned information into intelligence.

During his career, Richard Mullender has also served an advisor to the FBI, the UN, The Indian Secret Services, The Scorpions in Mandela’s South Africa and The World Food Programme. In response to spiralling demand for his listening skills, Mullender established his own training company, The Listening Institute. He is joined there by former colleagues and the most talented British government agents. Their mission is to teach the business world to listen like hostage negotiators so they can strike better deals.

With a wealth of experience, Mullender now designs and run courses on elite listening techniques across the world. He has been sought out by a wide range of organisations including leading multinationals, investment banks, energy companies and universities.

Richard Mullender is the author of “Communication Secrets of a Hostage Negotiator”, in which he dispels myths of communication while sharing the art of active and actual listening. His insightful talks continue to demonstrate the proven power of listening as his audiences learn to become proactive listeners in the mode of listening.


Communication Secrets Book by Richard Mullender - CWG Speakers

Communication Secrets of a Hostage Negotiator

Dispelling the Myths and Rediscovering the Lost Art of Listening

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