Paul Craven

Paul Craven

Paul Craven is a former banker turned behavioural science expert. He helps business understand how people make decisions in the real world.

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Paul Craven's Biography

Paul Craven blends academia and business to give tangible insights into how people really make decisions. He gives relatable examples from his own 30-year career in business.



After graduating from the University of Cambridge, Craven worked in the asset management industry. He worked for global players like Schroders, PIMCO and Goldman Sachs. Craven's approach to the markets was always a more holistic one. With a Master's in History, he considered the human factors beyond the numbers. In 2014 Craven acted upon these wider interests and established his own consultancy firm. Through this venture he emphasises that decision-making is not purely rational. By better understanding people and psychology, we can make wiser investment decisions.


magic circle

Craven is also a highly talented magician and member of the exclusive Magic Circle. Magic is the practice of illusion and Craven uses his talents to show audiences that things are not always as they seem. Our minds can be easily influenced and tricked. He applies these same concepts to the business world while also using this learned showmanship to keep audiences entertained.


magic and markets

Craven made the comparison between magic and markets in his popular TEDx Talk: The Mind, Markets and Magic. He shows we all have hardwired biases and undertake 'mental shortcuts' based on this.


nudge economics

Paul Craven is a founding member of the Cialdini Institute, an organisation helping clients improve their powers of persuasion in an ethical manner. Building on the influential work of thinkers like Richard Thaler and the concept of nudge economics, Cialdini helps businesses make more forward-thinking decisions. Craven also works closely with Behaviour Lab, a firm dedicated to using analytics and behavioural science to help fund managers improve their investment performance through behavioural techniques.


academic and other interests

Paul Craven serves as an advisor to the investment committee of a major UK pension scheme and was formerly a visiting lecturer at the London Business School.


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