Alex Hill

Author of Centennials: The 12 Habits of Great, Enduring Organisations

Naras Lapsys

Longevity scientist

Lev Nachman

Taiwan-based political scientist

Tali Sharot

Neuroscientist and behavioural economist

Chatib Basri

Former Indonesian Finance Minister

Michael Auslin

Historian and Asia scholar

George Yeo

Singapore's former foreign minister

Payal Kadakia

Founder of ClassPass

Arthur Brooks

Teaching the science of happiness

Chris Skinner

Fintech guru

Khoo Swee Chiow

Only Southeast Asian to summit Everest 3x

Shashank Joshi

Defence Editor at The Economist

Thitinan Pongsudhirak

Thai political scientist

Jane Goodall

Legendary conservationist

Mitchell Reiss

US diplomat & foreign policy expert
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