Carmen Reinhart - CWG Speakers

Carmen Reinhart

Former Chief Economist at the World Bank
Claudia Winkler - CWG Speakers

Claudia Winkler

Negotiation and communication expert
Jeanne Lim - CWG Speakers

Jeanne Lim

CEO of beingAI & co-creator of Sophia the Robot
Ayesha Khanna - CWG Speakers

Ayesha Khanna

AI entrepreneur and advisor
Jamil Qureshi - CWG Speakers

Jamil Qureshi

Everyman's psychologist & high performance coach
Michael Campion - CWG Speakers

Michael Campion

Motivational speaker and podcaster
Maurice Obstfeld - CWG Speakers

Maurice Obstfeld

Former IMF Chief Economist
Joseph Liow - CWG Speakers

Joseph Liow

International affairs academic
Danny Quah - CWG Speakers

Danny Quah

Expert on global economies
Toby Ouvry - CWG Speakers

Toby Ouvry

Buddhist monk and wellbeing expert
Jonnie Penn - CWG Speakers

Jonnie Penn

Leading academic on AI ethics
Cheng Li - CWG Speakers

Cheng Li

US-China expert & political science professor
Rory Sutherland - CWG Speakers

Rory Sutherland

Ogilvy advertising legend and behavioural science expert
Sarah Sands - CWG Speakers

Sarah Sands

Author, journalist and co-founder of the Braemar Summit
Tim Collins - CWG Speakers

Tim Collins

Retired British Army colonel & bestselling author