Norman Chan

Norman Chan

Norman Chan's decade-long stewardship of the HKMA made him an influential figure in global finance. Known for his advocacy of Greater Bay Area integration and embrace of blockchain technology, Chan continues to shape Hong Kong's economic landscape.

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Norman Chan's Biography

Dr Norman Chan has been at the forefront of shaping Hong Kong's dynamic financial landscape. Best known for his tenure as CEO of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and his work on facilitating broader capital flows, Chan is a key figure in determining the region's economic trajectory.

From 2009 to 2019, Chan steered the HKMA through turbulent economic waters. He spearheaded several major financial policies and initiatives including the development of Hong Kong’s financial infrastructure, the introduction of renminbi banking services in the SAR and further financial co-operation among central banks in the Asian region.

His tenure was marked by a commitment to stability and innovation that maintained Hong Kong's position as a global financial centre. It earned Chan widespread acclaim within both financial and political circles. A driving force behind Greater Bay Area integration, Norman Chan championed initiatives aimed at fostering collaboration and connectivity among the region's diverse economic hubs. His advocacy for broader capital flows continues today as a new Hong Kong seeks to tap into the economic potential of the region.

Hong Kong has perhaps lagged behind competitors in the world of digital finance. Chan seeks to change this by embracing transformative technologies. His recent emphasis on blockchain's potential underscores his forward-thinking approach to finance.

Norman Chan is currently an Honorary Professor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School, the Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Institute of Web 3.0 and Senior Adviser to the Hong Kong Academy of Finance. His previous roles as Director of the Chief Executive's Office of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and Vice-Chairman of Standard Chartered Bank Asia add to his breadth of experience in finance and policy circles.

A charismatic speaker, Chan challenges conventional wisdom and ignites thought-provoking conversations.


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