Nienke Bloem

Nienke Bloem

Nienke Bloem is a CX expert known for her hands-on approach to customer centricity. She wears a blue dress for almost every business assignment and is affectionately known by many as 'the speaker in the blue dress'.

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Nienke Bloem is often hailed as the Customer Experience Guru. She is one of the ten recognised training partners of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) worldwide and have trained hundreds of professionals in Customer Experience (CX) Management.

With a vibrant career spanning over 20 years, Bloem has held strategic change management positions across telecom, travel, financial, and IT industries. Her extensive experience gives her a unique understanding of corporate dynamics and enables her to communicate effectively in the corporate language.

As a global keynote speaker, Bloem captivates her audiences with deep insights and proven methodologies designed to inspire and drive actionable change. On stage, she is known to transform complex concepts into engaging and hands-on experiences that resonates with her audience.

She currently leads a speaking practice, runs a CX game company, and heads a CX education business. One of her clients aptly nicknamed her the “Velvet Sledgehammer” – a testament to her Dutch heritage and honest and impactful approach. Apart from delivering inspiring keynotes, Bloem conducts break-out sessions that provide teams with quick wins and actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately. With action as her magic word, she constantly asks the question: what are you going to do today to make improvements?

As a Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), Bloem conducts CX Masterclasses where she deep dives into the six pillars of the CX framework and CX Leadership Masterminds where she helps leaders enhance their leadership capabilities and effectively implement CX Management within their organisations. These masterminds are tailored to drive real change and foster a customer-centric culture.

She is the co-author of The CX Travel Guide, author of CX Is a Pilgrimage and regularly publishes blogs, vlogs, and inspiring messages on social media. Since 2015, Nienke Bloem has been a guest lecturer on Customer Experience at Nyenrode University.

Her mission is to make the world a better place for customers and employees and her goal is to make customer experience work!


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