Naras Lapsys

Naras Lapsys

Dr Naras Lapsys is a longevity scientist, specialising in the roles of diet and exercise in extending healthy lifespans. He is the Chief Clinical Officer at Chi Longevity.

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Naras Lapsys's Biography

Dr Naras Lapsys is a leader in the field of practical longevity. Rather than searching for the panacea to longer lifespans, he looks at the incremental changes we can all make through habits and nutrition.

After completing a PhD in molecular genetics, Lapsys started his career as a research scientist investigating obesity and diabetes at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. 10 years there dissuaded him that there was any "magic pill" for a healthier life. Instead, good health had to be earned through traditional methods.

Lapsys returned to university to study nutrition and dietetics and later opened his first nutrition consultancy, The Body Doctor. There, Lapsys advised patients on weight management, chronic disease and gastro-intestinal health. He formed a holistic view of wellness seeing that stress, sleep, fitness and state of mind influence how people eat. Lapsys also recognised that many patients suffered food addictions that required psychological help.

Over time, Lapsys became increasingly interested in the role of genetics versus lifestyle in determining our lifespans. He saw that the latter had profound consequences on disease prevention and healthy ageing. Returning again to education, Dr Naras Lapsys became Board certified in Australia and the USA in regenerative and anti-ageing medicine.

Lapsys moved to Singapore in 2018 to establish a private practice helping people extend their healthy period of life. Last year, he teamed up with Chi Longevity, Asia's first medically-led longevity clinic as their Chief Clinical Officer.

Dr Naras Lapsys wants to help others lead longer, healthier lives.


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