Mike Bird

Mike Bird

Mike Bird is the Economist's Asia business and finance editor, based in Singapore. He is the author of the upcoming book, 'The Land Trap'.

Mike Bird's Biography

Based in Singapore, Mike Bird is an award-winning financial journalist and author. His upcoming book, “The Land Trap”, tells the story of how the world’s oldest asset continues to shape the global economy today and puts our prosperity at risk.

Since 2021, Bird has been the Asia Business and Finance Editor at The Economist, covering corporate dramas, economic development and capital flows across the region. A leading thinker on supply chain disruption in the region, he has investigated the rise of "Altasia" – the alternatives for global manufacturers expanding their operations beyond China. In response to political pressure and rising Chinese wages, international corporations increasingly look for greater footholds in the area stretching from northern Japan to India.

Bird regularly writes the paper’s Buttonwood column on financial markets and co-presents one of The Economist’s weekly podcasts, Money Talks. The popular show discusses the biggest stories in financial markets. It features interviews with the likes of Nobel Prize winning economist Claudia Goldin, Michael Lewis and Carmen Reinhart.

Before his time at The Economist, Bird worked for the Wall Street Journal as a reporter and columnist in London and Hong Kong, covering everything from suspected leaks of the UK’s sensitive economic statistics to the Hong Kong protests. He won the 2016 Harold Wincott Award for young financial journalist of the year and shared a Human Rights Press Award with colleagues for their coverage of the protest movement in Hong Kong during 2020.

Mike Bird speaks on finance, economics and geopolitics. He has recently authored cover stories on global demographics, the risks of decoupling the American and Chinese economies, Asian financial integration, and the economic rise of Indonesia.


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