Max Tegmark

Max Tegmark

Max Tegmark is a celebrated physicist and AI expert. Known for his provocative thought-experiments, he is the author of Life 3.0. The book speculates what the world might look like as AI improves.

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Max Tegmark, affectionately known as Mad Max for his innovative and speculative ideas, is a popular physics professor and author. He spearheads AI research at MIT within the Institute for Artificial Intelligence & Fundamental Interactions and the Center for Brains, Minds & Machines. Tegmark is interested in the universe's deepest mysteries and pursues philosophical and scientific enquiries.

His intellectual journey spans from the intricacies of precision cosmology to contemplating the very fabric of reality itself. Topics which find resonance in his book, Our Mathematical Universe. Max Tegmark's insatiable curiosity propels him, not just towards unraveling the mechanics of our cosmos, but also towards harnessing science and technology for the betterment of humanity.

Highly sought after for his thrilling ideas about the future of AI, Max Tegmark is fiercely intelligent, and highly optimistic. He believes AI can change everything for the better, but is also asking the tough questions about what it means for us humans if machines become super smart. He advocates for safe and beneficial AI as president of the Future of Life Institute and in his latest book, Life 3.0.

Through his research, Tegmark hopes to foster a future where AI serves humanity's best interests while ensuring the safety of AI systems. For his work, he has been recognised with prestigious awards, including the Packard Fellowship, Cottrell Scholar Award, and NSF Career grant. His collaborative efforts with the SDSS on galaxy clustering also earned him recognition in Science magazine's "Breakthrough of the Year: 2003."

At the heart of Tegmark's endeavours lies a profound fascination with life's grandest inquiries. Whether pondering the origins of existence or envisioning the ethical implications of artificial intelligence, he thrives on engaging with life's big questions, igniting discussions that transcend disciplines and inspire action. Tegmark has written over two hundred technical papers and has been featured in numerous science documentaries.


Life 3.0

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Our Mathematical Universe

My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality

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