Mary Harrington

Mary Harrington

Mary Harrington is a British journalist and author of Feminism Against Progress. She argues that social liberalism commodifies women. Harrington is a columnist for UnHerd and author of the Reactionary Feminist Substack on culture and politics.

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Mary Harrington is a journalist and author of several books, including bestseller Feminism Against Progress. She stands against the idea that gender differences are only societally defined. And Harrington believes this socially liberal view demeans women.

Harrington tried her best to avoid this career as a writer and commentator. After graduating from Oxford University with a First in English Literature, she tried several disparate occupations. Her roles included life as a janitor, secretary, startup founder, art curator, club promoter, commercial copywriter, corporate marketing manager, psychotherapist and stay at home mom.

In this latter capacity, she began writing for a very small audience of other moms, who encouraged her to pitch her articles more widely. Her work quickly drew attention from the UK’s UnHerd, a digital magazine seeking fresh voices and perspectives on British culture and politics. She wrote her first column there in 2019, and quickly became a regular columnist and popular voice.

Since then, Harrington’s work has been published in First Things, American Affairs, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, The Spectator, the New Statesman, the London Times and the Mail on Sunday among many others. She is a contributing editor at UnHerd, where she writes a weekly column, along with Reactionary Feminist, her own weekly Substack on culture and politics in the cyborg era.

Her first book, Feminism Against Progress, argues that technology has turned a well-intentioned movement for gender equality into a pseudo-religion working against the interests of all but an elite class of women. Harrington argues that defending the interests of ordinary women means embracing a reactionary feminism that stands up for life, for gender differences and for solidarity between the sexes. Louise Perry described it as "like downing a packet of tangfastics after a lifetime of gruel."

With diverse life-experience and a wealth of journalistic accolades, Mary Harrington cuts through the ideological conflicts that dominate popular culture.

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