Mark Nitzberg

Mark Nitzberg

Dr Mark Nitzberg is a technologist and authority on AI regulation. He is the executive director of CHAI at UC Berkeley and co-author of Solomon's Code. 

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AI development has quickly become polarised. The doomsters warn we should pack it all in now to save ourselves from annihilation. The boomers dream of a new utopia as long as meddling technocrats step aside. Dr Mark Nitzberg provides a more nuanced view. 

The Executive Director of UC Berkeley's Center for Human-Compatible AI (CHAI) acknowledges AI’s dangers. Nitzberg sees the risks of new powerful systems whose operating principles we don’t yet fully understand. But he also thinks we are some way short of the true humanlike intelligence Sam Altman & co. continually claim is imminent. 

Stepping away from the hype, Nitzberg looks at the more immediate concrete risks. He is an influential adviser to various international bodies as they develop regulatory frameworks. Most recently, he spoke with members of the EU as they drafted the inaugural EU AI Act. 

Nitzberg heeds the lessons of other industries like aviation where it took disasters to catalyse regulation. He rejects the dichotomy of safety and innovation, seeing that early pitfalls in AI could halt its progress.  

He doesn’t see these issues from a purely theoretical perspective. Nitzberg was previously Director of Computer Vision Products at A9, a former subsidiary of Amazon. And he was founding CTO of Smartleaf, a fintech firm managing customised investment portfolios at scale. He began his career at Bell Laboratories and Microsoft. 

Nitzberg is co-author of Solomon’s Code, an examination of AI and how it reshapes human values, trust and power around the world. He regularly engages in international debates on AI development. 

Mark Nitzberg studied AI at MIT and completed his PhD at Harvard University.


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