Louise Perry

Louise Perry

Louise Perry is the bestselling author of “The Case Against the Sexual Revolution”. She discusses sexual politics on her podcast and is an active campaigner against sexual violence.

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Louise Perry's Biography

Louise Perry is a British journalist, author, and broadcaster.

Her bestselling book, “The Case Against the Sexual Revolution”, was published in 2022 to critical acclaim. In her book, Perry argues that amoral libertinism and callous disenchantment of liberal feminism and our contemporary hypersexualised culture represent more loss than gain.

Her thought-provoking work was described by the Observer as possibly “one of the most important feminist books of its time” and was selected as Times’ 2022 Book of the Year.

“The Case Against the Sexual Revolution” was also serialised in The Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday and The Wall Street Journal, and reviewed positively in The Spectator, The New Statesman, The Times, The Telegraph, The Week, City Journal, National Review, The New York Post, along with many other media outlets.

Perry hosts “Maiden Mother Matriarch”, a podcast about sexual politics where she interviews a range of guests from authors, philosophers to scientists and political activists. As a writer, she contributes to The New Statesman where she discusses a variety of social and political issues. Her work is also published widely in The Spectator and The Daily Mail.

A campaigner, Perry began her career working in a rape crisis centre. She was a press officer for the campaign group “We Can’t Consent to This”, which helps women and girls who’ve been killed or injured through sexual violence claimed to be consensual. Most recently, Louise Perry co-founded the think tank The Other Half, a non-partisan organisation that champions the voices of women and families through practical, workable policies.

Louise Perry lives with her husband and their two-year-old son in London.


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The Case Against the Sexual Revolution

A New Guide to Sex in the 21st Century

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