Konstantin Kisin

Konstantin Kisin

Host of one of Apple’s most popular political podcasts, “Triggernometry”, and a viral internet sensation after his Oxford Union speech was viewed over 100m times.

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Konstantin Kisin is a Sunday Times best-selling author, political commentator, and one of the world’s most popular podcasters. Since 2018, Konstantin has been a co-host of one of Apple’s top ranked political podcasts, “Triggernometry”.

The show invites guests from across the political spectrum. They are united only in the belief that all views deserve to be heard. The show’s guests include Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, Bill Burr, Andrew Sullivan, Diana Fleischman, Louise Perry and Ben Shapiro.

Triggernometry’s success as an alternative media outlet has seen Konstantin Kisin become increasingly popular in mainstream political debate, both in the UK and USA. He has appeared on flagship TV shows like BBC Question Time, Real Time with Bill Maher and Tucker Carlson, as well as the Joe Rogan Experience and other popular podcasts.

Konstantin has been a robust critic of certain sections of the right who sympathised with Russian leadership over the Ukraine invasion. He speaks about the importance of upholding Western values of liberalism, freedom of expression and viewpoint diversity. Konstantin expressed this political outlook in his 2022 book, “An Immigrant’s Love Letter to the West”. The book draws upon his experience of growing up in the supposed socialist paradise of the late Soviet Union and his subsequent admiration for the Western way of life after moving to the UK with his family.

In early 2023, Konstantin’s star rose further when his speech at the Oxford Union went viral. Arguing for the motion, “Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far”, Konstantin criticised the behaviour of radical climate change activists and talked of the need for pragmatism in addressing climate change. The speech has since been viewed over 100m times around the world.

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