Keyun Ruan

Keyun Ruan

Keyun Ruan is a pioneering computer scientist at the intersection of risk, technology and economics. With over two decades of expertise in digital transformation and risk management, her work evaluates the value and measures risks of the transformative impact of digital technologies on our society and economies.

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Keyun Ruan's Biography

Professor Keyun Ruan is a world-renowned computer scientist and economist. With a background in digital risk, she is at the forefront of Cloud Forensics and Risk Economics. Her doctoral research laid the foundation for the former and she is one of the most cited scholars on the topic today. In addition to her academic contributions, she has assisted with the development of international standards aimed at uplifting security and risk management within Cloud Computing.

Prof Ruan's work on Risk Economics preaches the use of novel approaches for measuring digital risk, valuation models for digital assets, and the adaptation of economic laws for the new economic paradigm being shaped by technologies in the Exponential Era. One striking example is artificial intelligence: how it is transforming our perception and management of value and risk right now.

Amid the technological boom, Prof Ruan founded the Happiness Foundation and, a charitable and multidisciplinary think tank partnered with world leading institutions, such as the Oxford Future of Humanity Institute, Harvard Human Flourishing Program and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

Keyun Ruan’s vision – the prioritisation and enhancement of human flourishment in the Singularity Era – inspires her institute’s work, motivating the necessary shifts in economic incentive and providing critical analysis on the societal costs and benefits of transformative digital technologies. This, in turn, should inform responsible and sustainable business decisions. Ruan strives to make others realise how the industrial adoption of AI into human society carries with it an equal weight of safety and human responsibility, especially if we are to maximise long-term human flourishing.

Over time, Prof Ruan has published two books and has become a prolific speaker at international conferences. She has lectured at countless institutes, including New York University, the University of Oxford and the Royal College of Art. Currently, she leads Risk Economics at Google Cloud & Alphabet.


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