Jordan Nguyen

Jordan Nguyen

Dr Jordan Nguyen is known for creating life-changing technologies for people with disabilities. As the founder of Psykinetic and an award-winning documentary maker, he has garnered international acclaim for his contributions to technology and humanity.

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Dr Jordan Nguyen is an acclaimed Australian engineer, inventor, and visionary dedicated to revolutionising lives through technological innovation. He merges human endeavour with cutting-edge technology and has become a driving force in both human and technological evolution.

Nguyen's journey began with a personal wake-up call during his biomedical engineering studies, when a diving accident left him immobile for a few days. The experience unexpectedly sparked his commitment to enhancing the lives of those with permanent disabilities as an inspired Jordan Nguyen later developed a mind-controlled wheelchair. This pioneering achievement eventually led to the founding of Psykinetic. For nearly a decade, Psykinetic has been at the forefront of creating life-changing technologies, blending biomedical tech, AI, robotics, and alternative human-computer interfaces such as eye-control and thought-control systems.

As the founder and CEO of Psykinetic, Jordan Nguyen has led the team to craft innovative solutions inclusive of VR and AR applications, and an eye-movement-driven musical instrument. His work has enabled people with disabilities to control household appliances, drive cars, and even perform live music, significantly enhancing their independence and quality of life. Nguyen is also the author of A Human's Guide to the Future and an award-winning documentary maker. His TV documentary, Becoming Superhuman, garnered international acclaim, and he continues to explore the intersection of technology and humanity through his work with Discovery Channel and National Geographic. His recent documentaries, Meet The Avatars and Frontiers of Science, further demonstrate his commitment to sharing the transformative power of technology.

Additionally, Jordan Nguyen is a passionate advocate for STEAM education and adaptive mindsets. With a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and extensive teaching experience, he mentors future innovators and oversees groundbreaking research in AI and biomedical instrumentation. His dedication to education is exemplified by the Dr Jordan Nguyen Innovation Centre, a facility named in his honour by students in Sydney.

Nguyen has been widely celebrated for his influence in VR and his role in prominent events, such as emceeing for President Barack Obama. A highly engaging storyteller, he promises a captivating exploration of the frontiers of technology and its profound impact on humanity. Jordan Nguyen strives to always inspire and challenge his audiences to envision a better and more inclusive future.


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