John Dykes

John Dykes

John Dykes became Asia's best-known sports broadcaster and media personality by presenting the English Premier League, FIFA World Cup, tennis Grand Slams, golf majors and Formula One.

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John Dykes is a celebrated sports broadcaster and a familiar face to international audiences as the long time presenter of English Premier League football coverage. Dykes also hosted the eponymous, The John Dykes Show which reached audiences across Asia on Fox Sports and Disney+, and showcased his ability to connect with viewers through insightful discussions and interviews.

Dykes was the go-to anchor and commentator for ESPN Star Sports. He covered the FIFA World Cup, various continental championships, tennis grand slams, golf majors, Formula One, and football tournaments like the English Premier League, FA Cup, the UEFA Champions League and the AFC Asian Cup. Dykes' easy-going persona and diligent analysis make him a popular and respected voice among sports' enthusiasts.

After ESPN Star Sports, Dykes spent 7 years in London working directly with the Premier League before returning to Asia. He has since broadened his regional coverage, having been engaged by Sony Sports in India and Emtek in Indonesia. New markets have valued his skills as the appetite for the Premier League grows internationally.

Beyond his TV work, Dykes is a popular host and speaker in more intimate settings. He is an experienced moderator and knows how to handle big personalities. John Dykes can also offer motivational insights into inspiration, leadership, winning habits and peak performance gleaned from his time with so many elite sportspeople. Drawing on 25 years of experience in sports journalism, he shares compelling stories and anecdotes.

Dykes also talks eruditely on business and political aspects of sport. He compares US and English contexts, explaining why so much US private equity money flows into the English football league. Alongside this, he speaks on sportswashing. Having broadcast extensively from the Middle East, Dykes knows about national strategies to use sport as a promotional tool.

John Dykes now calls Singapore home and is a proud passport holder.


John dykes speaking topics:

Direct-to-consumer strategy: Sport is changing. Power now resides with clubs and players who can reach fans directly through their own media outlets. Dykes speaks about similar risks for traditional intermediary businesses.

Business of sport: Private capital now funds 35% of football clubs in Europe's Big 5 leagues. Where club ownership was once a hobby for wealthy local businesspeople, it's now a profit-making opportunity. US private equity funds, in particular, believe European football clubs are a potential goldmine.

Sportwashing: F1 and Cristiano Ronaldo have come to Saudi Arabia. For all the initial protests, Qatar hosted a hugely successful World Cup. How will oil-rich nations use sport to build power on the world stage?


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