Gerard Lyons

Gerard Lyons

Gerard Lyons is a bestselling author, speaker, and strategist. He is an active contributor to the economic policy debate and an expert on the Gulf, Middle East, US-China and the UK.

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Gerard Lyons's Biography

Gerard Lyons is a luminary in the realm of global economics. His insights have shaped policies, guided leaders, and illuminated the pathways of international finance. Described by The Times as 'one of the most influential analysts of the global economy,' Lyons boasts a storied career that includes pivotal roles in the City and public policy.

In 2019, Lyons was a candidate for Governor of the Bank of England. Prior to that, he served as Chief Economic Advisor to Boris Johnson during his tenure as Mayor of London and Lead Advisor to Prime Minister Gordon Brown's 2008 Business Council. In those roles, Lyons' wielded his profound understanding of economics to navigate through turbulent markets and charted courses for prosperity.

Notably, as Head of Global Research and Chief Economist at Standard Chartered Bank, he earned acclaim for his prescience in predicting the 2008 global financial crisis. For two consecutive years, Bloomberg also ranked his team as the most accurate forecasters globally. Lyons' analyses of emerging economies across Asia, Africa, and the Gulf and Middle East have been sought by policymakers worldwide. He has testified before the US Congress, Senate, and the UK Parliament, and his insights have been instrumental in shaping international economic discourse.

Lyons is the author of The Consolations of Economics, one of Telegraph's Book of the Year. In his latest venture, the Elfonomics podcast, he teams up with his daughter, comedian Elf Lyons, to demystify economics with wit and insight, making complex concepts accessible to all. His dedication to addressing pressing global challenges is also evident in his involvement with initiatives like the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. Lyons' role in The Bretton Woods Committee Climate and Energy Transition Finance project team further underscores his commitment to fostering sustainability and resilience in financial systems.

Gerard Lyons serves on the boards of esteemed institutions such as Bank of China (UK) and BGC Partners and is a highly respected speaker on the global economic and financial outlook to the transformative potential of green economies.


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