Geoffrey Hinton

Geoffrey Hinton

Known as the Godfather of AI for shaping the technology's landscape, Geoffrey Hinton is a computer scientist and psychologist. He is a passionate advocate for the ethical and responsible advancement of AI.

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Geoffrey Hinton's Biography

Geoffrey Hinton believes humanity is at a crossroads when it comes to AI. The technology could be a great force for good but it also carries grave dangers. Viewing it as a civilisational risk, Hinton left Google in May 2023 so he could speak openly on the topic.

Hinton  advocates for the ethical development and deployment of AI technologies. He believes transparency, fairness and accountability is required to prevent biases and unintended consequences. In championing the need for international cooperation and regulatory frameworks to govern AI, Hinton wants to ensure the benefits of AI are widely shared while mitigating risks.

As an academic, Geoffrey Hinton taught at institutions like Carnegie Mellon, the University of Toronto and University College London. He also spent a decade at Google, where he spearheaded projects that leveraged deep learning to enhance speech recognition, image classification and natural language processing. As VP Engineering Fellow, Hinton drove innovation that maintained Google's leadership in the AI sector. Much of his work remains integral to Google’s core products.

Hinton is also renowned for introducing the backpropagation algorithm and pioneering its application in learning word embeddings, which revolutionised neural network research. His innovations, including Boltzmann machines, time-delay neural nets and deep learning breakthroughs have significantly advanced speech recognition and object classification.

A fellow of the UK Royal Society, Hinton is also a member of the US National Academy of Engineering, the US National Academy of Science and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. For his contributions to AI, Hinton has been awarded the ACM Turing Award, the IJCAI award for research excellence, the IEEE Frank Rosenblatt and James Clerk Maxwell Gold medal, among others.

Geoffrey Hinton's visionary work underscores a commitment to creating AI that enhances human well-being and responsible development.


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