Dominique Mielle

Dominique Mielle

Dominique Mielle is an astute investor and author. She was the only female partner and senior portfolio manager in one of the largest hedge funds in the US. She wrote about her experiences in her bestselling book, "Damsel in Distressed".

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Dominique Mielle's Biography

Dominique Mielle is a Franco-American investor and expert in the areas of distressed investing and bankruptcy. Working as one of a select group of female portfolio managers in the 1990s, she documented her experiences in Damsel in Distressed. The book was a huge hit - witty, insightful and fun - and also advocated for more women in the financial industry.

Her memoir draws on over twenty years of industry experience. Mielle was a partner and senior portfolio manager at Canyon Capital, a hedge fund with $25 billion AUM. At Canyon, Mielle focused on several sectors including transportation, consumer products and municipal finance. She specialised in corporate bond securitisations and was a pivotal figure in the firm’s collateralised loan obligation endeavours.

Mielle's ability to deal with the intricacies of complex bankruptcies marked her out as a key figure in the field. She was renowned for delivering strategic financial solutions. PG&E relied upon this skillset during her tenure as a director and audit committee chair for its 18 month bankruptcy process. Mielle continues to advise corporations and sits on the boards of 4 public companies.

Dominique Mielle contributes to the financial discourse in the public sphere for both lay and specialist audiences. She featured in the latest edition of Security Analysis, the seminal investment tome by Graham and Dodd. She also pens insightful articles for Forbes on hedge funds, diversity in finance and other important topics. Mielle has also featured in leading publications like the Financial Times, Business Insider and Absolute Return.

Mielle has an MBA in Finance from Stanford University and a Master in Management from HEC Paris.


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