Dominic Frisby

Dominic Frisby

Dominic Frisby brings clarity, humour and insight to financial markets. A highly-acclaimed author and broadcaster, he offers concise investment advice.

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Dominic Frisby is a popular financial author, broadcaster and journalist. An expert on gold, commodities, forex and bitcoin, he has a keen following amongst retail and insitutional investors 

Frisby writes for British investment magazine MoneyWeek on these topics. There, he explains difficult financial concepts and offers macro investment ideas. Dominic Frisby also has a devoted following on Substack where he writes one of the platform's most popular finance letters, “the Flying Frisby”. For those preferring more interactive advice, Frisby has over 28,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, “Money, Markets & More with Dominic Frisby”. 

Frisby’s three books reflect his libertarian instincts on the economy. The first, “Life After the State”, considers his prescient decision to invest in gold before the 2008 financial crisis and argues against an intrusive state. In 2014, Frisby wrote one of the first extensive accounts of bitcoin in “Bitcoin: the Future of Money”. It was widely praised for bringing clarity to the cryptocurrency with Sir Richard Branson urging everyone to “read it and glimpse into the future”. His latest book, “Daylight Robbery: How Tax Shaped Our Past and Will Change Our Future”, asked whether current tax laws are fit for modern times.

Writing with flair and humour, Frisby projects this same style on stage and screen. This owes much to his background in stand-up comedy. Dominic Frisby blends financial topics with this craft. He worked with comedians Jimmy Carr, Henning Wehn, Al Murray, Arthur Smith and Shazia Mirza on the economic story of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. And he presented the crowdfunding show Money Pit with Jason Manford. 

Dominic Frisby is a sought-after speaker at international investment conferences. He has previously spoken at the New Orleans Investment Conference, Europe & Emerging EMEA Equities Awards and Predaba. 


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