David Yeung

David Yeung

David Yeung is an environmentalist and entrepreneur who pioneered the plant-based movement in Asia. A thought leader in sustainability, he champions sustainable food choices and hopes to build a sustainable green economy.

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David Yeung's Biography

David Yeung is a prominent figure in the global sustainability movement. He serves as the Co-founder & CEO of Green Monday. With a vision to combat climate change, food insecurity, and public health issues, Yeung has spearheaded Green Monday Group into a multi-faceted social venture.

Through innovative solutions like OmniFoods and OmniPork, Green Monday has revolutionised the food technology landscape, offering sustainable alternatives that resonate with millions worldwide. As a renowned environmentalist and entrepreneur, David Yeung is sought after as a keynote speaker at prestigious events such as the World Economic Forum, Milken Institute Summit, and TEDx. He sheds light on critical topics including sustainability, food innovation, and social entrepreneurship. Financial and academic institutions like UBS and UCLA have also benefited from his insights into building a greener, more sustainable future.

For his impactful work, Yeung has been honored as the 'Social Entrepreneur of the Year' by the World Economic Forum and Schwab Foundation. He has also been acclaimed as a Fortune's 'Change the World' Company and named among 'Global Visionaries' by UBS. Other accolades include the 'EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2020 China,' 'Sustainability Leader of the Year' by Hong Kong Management Association, and the prestigious 'Roddenberry Prize.'

His insights and vision for environmental stewardship and conscious living has been recognised by many leading publications. David Yeung has been featured on BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, and CNN, underscoring the global impact of Green Monday Group's initiatives.

David Yeung is a published author and shares his wisdom on Zen and mindfulness in several best-selling books. His holistic approach to sustainability encompasses not only environmental consciousness but also personal well-being, reflecting a commitment to harmonising human existence with the planet.


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