David Stewart

David Stewart

David Stewart is a trailblazer in the field of age positivity and empowerment. He is the founder of AGEIST and host of the SuperAge podcast.

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David Stewart's relentless dedication to re-contextualising aging has not only reshaped consumer landscapes but has also fundamentally altered our societal ethos. As the visionary founder of AGEIST, Stewart has helped brands and marketers navigate the turbulent seas of demographic change. Through AGEIST, he is dedicated to celebrating the vibrancy, capabilities, and influence of the modern 50+. With an unwavering passion for championing the mindset and aspirations that propel this influential demographic forward, David Stewart has emerged as a leading authority on graceful and purposeful aging.

In an era where the boundaries of age are being redefined and the pursuit of longevity takes center stage, Stewart's voice resonates as a beacon of wisdom and inspiration. His keen insights and profound understanding of the evolving needs and desires of the 50+ demographic has positioned him as a sought-after speaker at prestigious venues and forums worldwide. From the hallowed halls of HIMSS in Las Vegas to the intimate stages of TEDx, Stewart has captivated audiences with his compelling vision of redefining age and embracing the boundless possibilities of later life. His presence at esteemed gatherings like the MONOCLE Quality of Life Conference in Zurich and The Mercedes Benz ME Convention in Stockholm underscores his global impact and influence in shaping conversations around aging, wellness, and longevity.

Prior to embarking on his transformative mission with AGEIST, David Stewart enjoyed an illustrious career as an award-winning photographer, specialising in people-oriented advertising. His evocative photographs has graced the pages of iconic publications and fronted the campaigns of brands such as Nike, Adidas, Red Bull and AT&T. Today, Stewart stands at the forefront of the longevity movement, his multifaceted background infuses his work with a depth of insight and authenticity that resonates with audiences across generations.

In an era where the pursuit of longevity is no longer confined to the realm of science fiction but has become a tangible reality, David Stewart continues to challenge stereotypes, defy ageist narratives, and champion the limitless potential of individuals at every stage of life.


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