Brett Connellan

Brett Connellan

Brett Connellan is a shark attack survivor and star of "Attacking Life", a documentary focusing on his physical and mental recovery.

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Brett Connellan's Biography

Brett Connellan's world was upended at Bombo Beach. He was the victim of any surfer's worst nightmare as a devastating Great White Shark attack left his life hanging by a thread. His left quad was nearly destroyed and his professional surfing career lay in ruins. But in the depths of despair, Connellan found an unyielding spirit and a new purpose.

The attack left Brett Connellan facing a long journey of rehabilitation. He had four major surgeries, including a complex muscle transfer from his upper back to his thigh. Each stage of his recovery brought new mental and physical challenges. Connellan had to confront and redefine his identity. He was no longer a surfer but a survivor and he wanted his story to be a beacon of hope and resilience for others.

Connellan's determination saw results that defied all expectations. Soon he was not only walking again but he was back in the water with his board. He discovered a new sense of purpose as he seized upon a second chance not granted to many shark attack victims. Connellan realised that resilience was about thriving in the face of adversity rather than merely surviving.

Brett Connellan continues to push physical and mental boundaries today. He is a testament to the power of human spirit and adaptation. He recent feats include marathons and a 51 kilometre open water paddle in Hawaii. His story is captured in the brilliant documentary, "Attacking Life". A big hit in his native Australia, it serves as a source of inspiration for anyone who feels their challenges are insurmountable.

As a keynote speaker, Connellan speaks about resilience, adaptability and finding renewed purpose. His life is a story of facing change, embracing it and finding a way to emerge stronger.


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