Andrew Steele

Andrew Steele

Andrew Steele is a leading longevity scientist, author and keynote speaker. His widely acclaimed book, Ageless, explores the science behind aging and how we can potentially halt or reverse it.

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Andrew Steele is a scientist, writer, and campaigner whose unique journey from physicist to longevity advocate has captivated audiences around the globe. Steele sees the potential of longevity research as a natural extension of modern medicine, and emphasises that these advancements are not merely science fiction or exclusive to the wealthy but realistic possibilities within our lifetimes.

Based in Berlin, Andrew Steele is the author of the groundbreaking book Ageless: The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Old. His path began with a PhD in physics from the University of Oxford, but his passion for addressing what he considers the most crucial scientific challenge of our time — aging — led him to switch fields to computational biology. Steele's work at the Francis Crick Institute further exemplified his innovative approach. Utilising machine learning, he delved into decoding our DNA and predicting heart attacks using patients’ NHS medical records.

Now a full-time science writer and presenter, Steele has made significant impacts through his writings in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Sunday Times, Telegraph, Guardian, and WIRED magazine. He has been featured on NBC’s TODAY, The Russell Howard Hour, Sunday Brunch, NBC Morning News Now, and BBC News. A familiar face on Discovery’s Impossible Engineering, Steele also appears as a regular guest on Sky's Strangest Things.

When Andrew Steele speaks about longevity, audiences are treated to a fascinating exploration of the scientific and medical aspects of aging, as well as its wider ethical, social, and economic implications. While he acknowledges concerns about the environmental impact, inequality of access, and societal changes extended lifespans might bring, he firmly believes that the human benefits of reducing age-related diseases far outweigh these challenges. His ethical considerations are so integral to his work that he made the ethics chapter of his book freely available online.

Steele has been invited to speak at events like the Longevity Summit Dublin, ARDD, and the Longevity Investors Conference. He has also given live talks from school lectures to science stand-up comedy at iconic venues like the Hammersmith Apollo. As Chair of Science is Vital and creator of Scienceogram, he also campaigns passionately for increased science funding. In many of his speeches, Steele advocates the importance for more funding for aging biology, believing that the impact of research investment could far surpass even the best lifestyle interventions.



The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Old

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