Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts is one of the world's leading historians, an author and journalist. Some of his award-winning masterpieces include Napoleon the Great, Churchill: Walking with Destiny, and George III.

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Andrew Roberts's Biography

Andrew Roberts is a popular historian best known for his works on the Second World War, Winston Churchill and Napoleon.

Roberts judges figures by the standards of their time. As such, he combats revisionist history that paints figures like Churchill in a less flattering light. In Churchill: Walking with Destiny, Roberts argues his visionary statecraft and oratory skills made him a leader of monumental importance. For all his faults, he was unique in foreseeing the terrors of the Nazi and Soviet regimes.

Roberts takes a similarly nuanced approach to Napoleon in his seminal eponymous book on the Corsican leader. Dismissive of Ridley Scott’s recent cinematic portrayal, Roberts argues Napoleon was a military genius who brought about some of modern Europe’s most influential reforms.

Through the lens of historical figures, Roberts explores principles of effective leadership and governance, which he makes relevant to our contemporary contexts. Recently, on Times Radio, he unpacked the striking parallels between Churchill and President Zelensky to much acclaim.

As the current Roger and Martha Mertz Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, Roberts has also delivered lectures and interviews on conflict, the evolution of war and leadership.

He also holds roles as a Visiting Professor at the War Studies Department at King’s College, London and as the Lehrman Institute Lecturer at the New-York Historical Society.

Roberts regularly appears in global media and popular political podcasts like Triggernometry. As the author of Storm of War, public and private organisations ask him to draw comparisons to modern volatility seen in the Ukraine and the Israel-Hamas conflict.

An accomplished public speaker, Andrew Roberts has delivered lectures at prestigious institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Princeton and Stanford universities. He has also delivered the White House Lecture and presented at The British Academy, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and military academies such as Sandhurst and the US Army War College.

In recognition of his contributions to the field of history, Roberts has received numerous awards and honours, including the William Penn Prize, the ICS Churchill Award for Literacy and the Council on Foreign Relations’ Arthur Ross Prize. Recently, Roberts was elevated to the House of Lords as Baron Roberts of Belgravia, further cementing his legacy as a preeminent historian and scholar.



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