Alessia Zecchini

Alessia Zecchini

Alessia Zecchini is the star of Netflix's hit documentary, "The Deepest Breath" which follows her record-breaking feats in the world of freediving.

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Alessia Zecchini's Biography

Alessia Zecchini is a world champion in freediving, a multiple world record holder in six freediving disciplines and the holder of 38 world records.

Born in Rome in 1992, Zecchini has been freediving since the age of 13. She participated in her first national competition at 19, where she took home second-place in two out of the three scheduled disciplines at the Italian Championship in Turin. Since then, Alessia Zecchini has won 17 gold medals at the World Championships and 33 international medals.

As a global speaker, Zecchini delves into the topics of self-control and reflective meditation as tools for personal growth in sports and life. She is currently the "deepest woman in the world", having reached -123 meters in constant weight (monofin) in Camotes Islands, Philippines, in 2023.

Alessia Zecchini was awarded three 'Gold Medals for Athletic Valor,' in 2018, and became the first FIPSAS athlete to receive the Golden Collar for Sporting Merit, the highest sports honour conferred by the Italian National Olympic Committee. A year later, on 18 October 2019, she became the first woman in the world, to reach a depth of -100 meters using only her arms (free immersion) during the "Nirvana Oceanquest" in Curaçao.

During the Secret Blue competition in Moalboal, Philippines on 27 March 2023, Zecchini set a new AIDA International world record for bi-fins (CWTB) at -107 meters. Two days later, she extended this record to -109 meters in 3 minutes and 36 seconds.

In her book, "Apnea", but above all in her motivational speeches and corporate events, Zecchini speaks of how freediving represents a metaphorical method for overcoming the obstacles we experience in life, as the sport teaches one how to confront difficulty and darkness.

Alessia Zecchini is the star of Netflix's compelling documentary film "The Deepest Depth", which chronicles her rise in the free diving world and perils of the sport.


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